Keep staff better trained and connected, all while reducing costs

Coaching Cloud: The Basics of How Scriyb Works

Instructors live stream their class lecture using simply an internet browser and a computer camera. One-Click upload of course content.

Participants are able to access the class lecture on any internet connected device, and engage with their classmates and instructor through defined chat groups.

Lectures are automatically archived so course content is available to students anytime/anywhere.

Participants are grouped into specialized sub groups based on Scriyb algorithms which are proven to promote peer-to-peer learning and assistance.

Advanced algorithms measure and can help optimize your workforce as well as collective organizational behavior.

A Few Reasons Private Institutions Love Scriyb

Incredible ease of use promotes usage and engagement.

Enormous reduction in travel costs for trainings and corporate development.

Specialized course content can be securely stored and shared with minimal set-up.

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